Can we bring two adults?

Yes, you can take en extra person with you, but they have to stay on the side of the pool and look or take pictures, it does not cost extra.
But usually only one adult in the water. If there are not many in the group, it is sometimes allowed to have two adults in the water. It is always the teachers decision.
If both mother and father are at the pool together, then it is a good idea that the father takes the child, as there is usually better room in the men's changing rooms.

How do I pay for baby swimming?

You can pay via online banking, you will find the account number in the email you received when registering for baby swimming. You will also get an email with a copy of the info letter 14 days before start day.

Is the price for baby swimming incl. entrance to the swimming pool or should you buy a ticket?

The price is incl. entrance to the swimming pool. Don't buy a ticket.
In Hjortespringbadet in Herlev, there is a armband on the entrance to Ladies/Gents changingrooms, use this to click yourselves in and out again. It is hanging on a long wire .
If you should wish to have your own armband then you can buy one when the ticket office is open. In Bolbro swimmingpool there are tickets given to you so you can come through the entrance also with your prams, that can come down in the cellar via a lift.

Why are there different prices in the different swimming pools?

We pay different rental prices to the various swimming pools. Therefore we have different expenses in the different areas.

Can I pay with Dankort?

No, unfortunately not. We prefere payment via internet bank, the account number is in the info letter that you receive upon registration. You also recieve an email with the account number 10 days before the start day.

If I do not have the opportunity to participate every time for swimming, can I avoid paying for all times?

Unfortunately no. We pay the same rent for the swimming pool, no matter how many people are on the list.

Is it possible to get a trial lesson or notify if it is not for my child?

We have a trial period of up to 2 times. If you feel by then that it still isn't working for you, then you can send us an emial . See trading terms for further explanation.

Which swimwear should the child wear?

Aqua-baby would like all our customers to use a swimming nappy ( available at most supermarkets). Also swimming pants over the swimming nappy. This gives double protection.

The swimming pants have to be made of neoprene and with a high waist that sits tight to the childs body and it is important that the pants come down and fit tightly around the legs aswell.

We recommend Splash About swimming pants as they are the best on the market at the moment.

It is possible to buy the swimming pants online at

In Odense, Splash About pants can be bought at our swimmingpools. They cost 90 kr each and are available in different sizes. You can buy them at the ticket office or from the instructor.

There are many who dress at the same time. Is there only one dressing room?

In the Hjortespringbadet (Herlev) and in Slagelse Svømmehal there is the possibility that after the mother/father has washed in there allocated changing rooms, your child can be washed and changed in a baby area by the swimming pool. Ask the instructor or lifeguard if you can not find it.
In Bolbro (Odense) there is a ladies and gents changing room, where there are facilities for changing and washing your children. There is also a family room that can be used if you would like to be two. Ask a lifeguard.
In Højme (Odense) there is only ladies and gents changing room, with a baby changing area.

When should the child eat in relation to baby swimming?

It is best if the babys have eaten 15-20 minutes before they come in the water to baby swimming.
After there swimming lesson they are usually hungry and tired again.

Can I warm baby food in the swimming pool?

There is a microwave oven available in the swimming pools in Odense and Slagelse.

Why should I rinse my hair before I get into the pool?

It is important in terms of hygiene that everybody rinses there hair before entering the swimmingpool.
If you do not want wet hair, then you can use a tight fitting swimming cap.

Can I take pictures at baby swimming?

Pictures may be taken while there is babyswimming, if everyone agrees. Ask the instuctor first.

Can my child be in the water for 30 minutes?

If your baby is very small, then usually 15-20 minutes is enough for them. Most babies will find that swimming is very tiring and they will give you signals to when they are ready to go up. Listen to your childrens signals as you know them best, and maybe the next time you come you can stay in the water a little bit longer.

Can we start before my child is 10 weeks old?

We normally recommend that the child is 10 weeks or 5 kg. before they start. If they are too small they very quickly become tired and cold and find it hard to concentrate.
It is something you have to evaluate yourself.

Is it dangerous for my child to be in chlorine water?

It is a requirement of the Environmental Authorities that chlorine is added to the pool water as disinfection. Chlorine kills harmful substances that have come into the pool water from other users.
The chlorine in the water is not dangerous. It is also not dangerous if your baby swallows some water - which the little one sometimes does. You should not be concerned about the risk of infection in the water. The water is filtered and disinfected.

Can I park at the swimming pools?

Yes, parking is free at all swimming pools, prams can be brought in to the front hall, but not into the changing rooms.

My child has a cold. Can we still go swimming?

It's a bit of an individual assessment. Generally speaking, sick children and with a fever, are not allowed in the swimming pool.
A cold is a lot of things, and if it is a little common cold with clear snot, then I do not see problems in the child coming into the swimming pool. If the child is very snotty and the nose is blocked with green snot, then maybe swimming is not the best place to be.