Can we bring two adults?

Yes, you may want to help and look at it, it does not cost extra.
But usually only one adult in the water. If there are not many on the team, it is sometimes allowed to have two adults in the water. It is always the director's decision.
If both mother and father are involved, it is a good idea that it is the father who dresses with the child, as there is usually better room in the men's department.

How do I pay for baby swimming?

You can pay via online banking, you will find the account number in the registration you received when registering for baby swimming. You also get an email with a copy of the info letter 14 days before start.

Is the price for baby swimming incl. entrance to the swimming pool or should you buy a ticket next to it?

Is the price for baby swimming incl. entrance to the swimming pool or should you buy a ticket next to it?
The price is incl. entrance to the swimming pool. Don't buy a ticket.
In Hjortespringbadet in Herlev, you must have an access bracelet, which costs DKK 50 in deposit. You get the money back when the teaching period is over and you hand over the bracelet.

Hvorfor er der forskellige priser i de forskellige svømmehaller?

Vi giver forskellige leje af de forskellige svømmehaller. Bl.a. derfor har vi forskellige udgifter på de forskellige hold.

Can I pay with Dankort?

No Unfortunately not. We receive payment via internet bank, the account number is in the info letter that you receive upon registration. You also send an email with the account number 10 days before team start.

If I do not have the opportunity to participate every time for swimming, can I avoid paying for all times?

Unfortunately no. We pay the same rent from the swimming pool, no matter how many people are on the team, so we would like to have the teams filled up.

Is it possible to get a trial lesson or notify if it is not for my child?

We have a trial period of 1 or 2 times. After which it is possible to report. See trading terms for further explanation.

Which swimwear should the child wear?

Badbles and tight-fitting bathing suits / swimsuits must be used by all children under 3 years of age, as this provides the best protection against accidents in the pool.
If an accident happens, we will have to close the basin for at least four hours, so we are very careful.
Badeble can be bought in most grocery stores. Swimsuits and swimsuit can be purchased in most children's clothing stores.
However, Splash About can be used without diaper. We recommend using Splash About, as it is our experience that it is the one that provides the best protection. Splash About can scroll. purchased from Babygear.dk. Write the aqua baby as a value code. That gives 8% off.

There are many who dress at the same time. Is there only a dressing room?

In the Hjortespringbadet (Herlev) and in Slagelse Svømmehal there is the possibility that after the adult has washed, take the child next to the baby area in the swimming pool, where there is the opportunity to wash the child.
In Bolbro (Odense) there is a family room that can be used. Ask a lifeguard.
In Højme (Odense) there is only one changing room.

When should the child eat in relation to baby swimming?

Your child is best if they are full before they come to baby swimming. There may be approx. 15 minutes before going into the water after eating.
After the swim, most children need a little to eat or drink.

Can I warm baby food in the swimming pool?

There is a microwave oven available in the swimming pools in Odense and Slagelse.

Why should I rinse hair before I get into the pool?

It is important in terms of hygiene in the hot water pool that everyone rinses their hair. Loose hair will always fall off when you enter the water and is not nice to others for getting on.
If you do not have wet hair, you can use a bathing cap.

Do I have to take pictures for baby swimming?

Pictures may be taken under instruction if everyone agrees. First ask the teacher.

Can my child be in the water for 30 minutes?

Most can do well. But there may well be that your baby gets tired quickly, the first few times they swim, so it is possible that 15-20 minutes is abundant at first. Remember that it is on the children's premises, so listen for their signals.

Can we start before my child is 10 weeks old?

We normally recommend that the child is 10 weeks or 5 kg. before it starts, otherwise, if they are small, they can quickly become tired. If the child is born prematurely, it is calculated from the date of term.
Some do well, earlier, it is very different how old they should be to start.
If the child is big and "strong" 8 weeks can be ok.
It is something you have to evaluate yourself.

Is it dangerous for my child to have chlorine in the water?

It is a requirement of the Environmental Authorities that chlorine is added to the pool water as disinfection. Chlorine kills harmful substances that have come into the pool water from the users.
The chlorine in the water is not dangerous, in the amounts in the water and if you lubricate the baby into cream after a walk in the pool, the skin can easily withstand it. It is also not dangerous if baby swallows some water - which the little one certainly does. You should not be concerned about the risk of infection in the water. The water is filtered and disinfected.

Can I park at the swimming pools?

Yes, parking is free at all swimming pools, prams can be brought in. But don't go into the dressing.

My child is cold. Can we still go swimming?

It's a bit of an individual assessment. Generally speaking, sick children are not allowed in the swimming pool.
The cold is a lot of things, and if it is a little common snow with clear snot, then I do not see problems in the child coming into the swimming pool, but is the child close to the nose with 'green' snot and on the whole a little 'clumsy' and not well-being, then you have to stay home.